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Roomsponder is a school safety application that provides dynamic, real-time data during a shelter-in-place or lockdown incident to ensure clear communication leading to a coherent, collaborative response as well as aids in reunification both on and off-site after an incident. 

This affordable, easy-to-use web app was designed with both school and first responder input, ensuring that the most important information can be shared quickly.

Add Roomsponder to your emergency plan, crisis planning or incident command operations. Call 920-251-2570 or 920-906-9175 or email info@roomsponder.com.

"Roomsponder is a user-friendly approach to student accountability in crisis situations. The product offers a streamlined approach to staff training and is a resource that adds another level of safety in our school community."

- Erin Flood, St. Mary's Springs Academy Principal

"Roomsponder has significantly improved the ability for our incident command teams in school to be accountable for students, staff and visitors."

- Marian Sheridan, Fond du Lac School District Health, Safety, Attendance and Traffic Coordinator

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