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Roomsponder is a web-based application designed specifically to communicate essential information during a shelter-in-place, emergency, lockdown or crisis situation. Ideal for school districts and universities along with government buildings and health-care facilities, this easy-to-use tool provides dynamic, real-time data during an incident to ensure clear communication leading to a coherent, collaborative response.

Roomsponder is customized to account for every room and building in your district, location or campus and features an intuitive, user-friendly interface so that users can instantly deliver an accounting of all students, staff and visitors to incident response teams, who can then prioritize the best allocation of resources, including medical attention. Because it's web-based, Roomsponder can be used from anywhere with internet access.

Whether an enhancement to your existing school safety plan or the foundation of a new crisis communications strategy, Roomsponder is the tool with one purpose: giving you the information you need when you need it most.